I’m sitting in a Holiday Inn Hotel six blocks away and six weeks after my Daddy died. I almost put this off because this wasn’t “the perfect” place to start. Then, I decided to just get started. No expectations, no judgement, no idea where this might go, but I’ve got a pretty good idea.
You learn a lot when you lose your person. Especially when that person is your Dad. All of a sudden when you don’t have the option to call him or ask for his advice, you suddenly realize that whether you are ready or not, it’s time to grow up and start practicing what you’ve been taught your whole life.
I am choosing to tell some stories of what I’ve learned by talking about some experiences where I’ve had the opportunity to share some of my Dad’s wisdom and some of my own with some Divinely chosen folks.
They weren’t kidding when they said it was all about the journey and not the destination.


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Welcome to be-scene. A place where you are encourage to BE ______ on your SCENE. Whether that means BE seen on the social SCENE | BE heard on the political SCENE | BE found on the music  SCENE. It's your story. You fill in the blanks!


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