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So there I was getting into my Uber with a driver named Ulysses, minding my own business.

White lady: starts screaming at my Uber driver because he’s parked in the street. (With his hazzards on, mind you. And motioning people around him while he simultaneously greets me and loads my luggage.)

Ulysses: God Bless you, Ma'am!

White lady: More screaming

Ulysses: Walks to her car...

Me: Oh shit. I'm either going to be late or be a witness to a crime.

Ulysses: (Palest I've ever seen a grown black man) I'm sorry m'aam.

Me: What on earth just happened? What did she say to you? Do you need to cancel this ride, sit here a minute, talk about it? What do you need?

Ulysses: That woman just told me that she wished I had been killed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting.

Me: What do you need? Is it ok if we talk about it?

We drove around for 20 minutes talking about the situation. He shared with me that he's already forgiven the shooter and that he's a man of God, but he's struggling with this situation. We talked about how unbelievable it is that a person could go to a place that dark, that quickly. We decided that God would want us to pray for her. So we did. Over and over and over.

Moral of the story: your words matter. speak kindly.

Wear Your Words:

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