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Dr. Vandeville

Wisdom from the most awesome physician I've ever had the pleasure of "being seen" by.

1. Be nice to yourself. (in thought and action)

2. Listen to your body. It's got a lot to say.

3. One reason music is so great is because of the pause between the notes. Pause in between the notes of your life.

4. You can love your mother and hate your mother all at the same time.

5. Tell the fat part of your body that you love it. Repeatedly. (see #2)

6. You don't have to apologize for your feelings if they are your actual feelings. It's ok to be pissed if you're pissed.

7. Be yourself. (not the version you think people want of you)

8. It's perfectly normal to start gardening and spending more time outside after the death of a parent.

9. Spend time outside. Listen to nature. It will recharge and refresh you.

10. You don't have to join a gym to get exercise. You can go for a walk. It can be a stroll rather than a sprint. (see #2)

I could go on, but I'm quite fond of a tidy little top ten list.

Wear your word: Be nice to yourself.

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